The time of laser weapon
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The time of laser weapon

Burning laser weapon is an energy weapon, its damage is related to the following parameters : the power of the burning laser gun, laser gun's irradiation time, the

laser propagation path loss, the target energy absorption efficiency.
Non nuclear arms race will appear

British "Daily Telegraph" quoted the words of the Raytheon company personnel, although the effect of 5000mw Laser test system is ideal, but it is expected to at least

until 2026 this weapon can be really applied to the battlefield. "Jane's Defense Weekly" editor chief Peter Fels Ted thinks, this is only the United States to show the

world the first generation of laser cannon product, Raytheon weapons manufacturer must soon follow up research and development of new. Fierstein De that sophisticated

weapons is a factor of global political and military struggle, the rapid development of laser weapons to other countries is undoubtedly a deterrent.

Chinese military experts Dai believes that this is for the first time, the laser weapons used in conventional warfare platform, and it is closely related to "Star

Wars" program.The next United States laser weapon may put laser cannons mounted to the satellite. The successful experiment of the laser cannon will break the balance

of the great power, and make the world unbalanced. Dai Xu said that the U.S. research and development of new concept weapons, there are a lot of the world's leading,

such as laser cannons.
The test of 200mw Laser Pointer weapon, is similar to the" Earth Hour strike weapon system. The United States in succession to implement the laser weapons and the

global hour strike weapon system test indicates future weapons will be mainly non nuclear, rapid and high lethality the three characteristics.

The world into area of laser weapons?
British "Guardian" called "super weapon" laser cannon: can kill any human target and destroy all mechanical objects. CBS said that laser weapons can make us have a

terrible advantage on the battlefield, once developed matured , solid-state laser can be shot down by mortar and artillery shells, detonated the enemy's arsenal and

even destroy 500 miles of ballistic missile. Its striking speed is striking, and it can target other targets quickly.

"Jane's Defense Weekly" said that it is enough to show that human military war really entered the age of 1000mw Laser Pointer weapon, the current understanding of the

advanced technology is undoubtedly the world's leading. He believes that, including Russia and China, most countries in the world can not have such a burning laser

weapon technology. The United States military in the future will be similar to the deployment of burning laser weapons on warships, as part of the short-range defense.

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